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ESB welcomes publication of Eurelectric Decarbonisation Pathways Study

Issued: 27 November 2018

ESB has today welcomed the publication of a new European study that highlights the importance of electrification in achieving a low-carbon society.

Eurelectric - the energy sector association which represents the common interests of the electricity industry at pan European level – launched its Decarbonisation Pathways study at an event in Brussels today.

According to the study, the European power sector can be fully decarbonised ahead of the 2050 targets set by the Paris Agreement through strong electrification of key economic sectors. The report also highlighted how a full decarbonisation of the power sector is both possible and affordable.

According to the study’s findings, cost-effective pathways to 2045 will depend on four key elements:

  • electricity supply with over 80% from renewables;
  • diversification of power sources to ensure system reliability and flexibility;
  • changing role of conventional generation, which will provide back-up energy while gradually being less used for energy production;
  • maturity of CO2 offset and power-to-gas technologies.

The study reflects ESB’s own report - Ireland’s Low Carbon Future - Dimensions of a Solution – which similarly examined the various options to decarbonise the Irish energy system by 2050, primarily through the electrification of transport and heat.

ESB, as a member of Eurelectric, contributed to the publication of this study.

Speaking at the launch event, Pat O’Doherty, Chief Executive of ESB, said:

“ESB welcomes the findings in the Decarbonisation Pathways study which complements our own analysis of how we can achieve a low-carbon future through the electrification of heat and transport. These reports highlight the enormous benefits of electrification for society, the importance of the electricity distribution system operator and cooperation with other entities in taking fossil fuels out of society.”

As the Irish Government develops Ireland’s National Energy and Climate Plan to chart our progression to 2030 and beyond, ESB believe the findings of these two studies can successfully feed into plans for the decarbonisation of our economy and society.   


The Eurelectric Decarbonisation Pathways study is available here.

ESB’s Dimensions Report is available here.


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