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ESB Networks connects 4,000 MW of wind to Ireland’s electricity system

  • Paddy Hayes, Managing Director of ESB Networks, addressing SEAI Public Sector Energy Conference this morning 
  • Mr Hayes outlines that electrification – underpinned by an advanced electricity distribution system - provides a clear route to decarbonisation of society

6 February 2020

ESB Networks has today confirmed that it has connected its 4,000th megawatt (MW) of wind capacity on to our electricity system, contributing to  record levels of renewable generation in recent weeks. 

The milestone was announced by Paddy Hayes, Managing Director of ESB Networks at the SEAI Public Sector Energy Conference held in DCU this morning, Thursday 6 February. Facilitating these connections is part of ESB Networks’ drive towards a lower carbon energy future, in line with Ireland’s commitment to meet 70 percent of its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2030. 

Mr Hayes says: “The connection of 4,000 MW of wind energy onto our electricity network is a significant achievement for ESB Networks, the wind energy community and for Ireland. Together with the work of our colleagues in EirGrid, we have helped Ireland become a world leader, with 41 percent of our electricity generated from wind energy last month (January 2020).”

An enhanced distribution system can underpin the drive to for climate action. In his presentation to the conference, Mr Hayes pointed to the opportunities provided by the reducing carbon intensity of electricity: “Expanding the use of clean electricity in sectors such as transport and heating offers a clear route to decarbonisation of society. ESB Networks continues to invest and innovate to develop the  safe, sustainable, resilient, flexible distribution system that will facilitate the wholescale electrification that is so critical for climate action.”

ESB Networks employs over 3,200 people, which includes specialist network technicians on the front line connecting, operating and maintaining the electricity system for Ireland’s homes, farms and businesses, working to create one of the world’s most resilient low carbon energy networks. More at