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ESB continues to install new fast chargers throughout Ireland

ESB is delighted to announce we have upgraded the standard 22kW AC chargers at the following locations to new fast chargers:

📌 Farnham Street, Cavan
📌 Off the Circular Road, Kells, Meath
📌 Bolton Square Public Car Park, Bolton Street, Drogheda
📌 Union Place, Sligo Town

This is a new type of fast charger and will provide up to 44kW on DC CHAdeMO and CCS connectors, and between 2-6kW on the AC connector depending on your car type. The AC connector is free to use in the short term while the DC connectors will be subject to pay for use. An overstay fee will be applied after 45 minutes on the CCS and CHAdeMO connectors only.

Please note it is not possible to charge two vehicles simultaneously using the DC CHAdeMO and CCS connectors. However the AC connector can be used at the same time as one of the DC connectors.

Tips when using this fast charger:

• To release the CCS connector, push the connector upwards and then slide out.
• To release the CHAdeMO connector, firmly push the release button forward until it covers the “OK” wording completely.
• When using the AC outlet, ensure the connector is firmly pushed into the charger. If not, charging will not start.

A user guide for this fast charger can be found here.

Our maintenance team is continuing to carry out essential maintenance on the network and is now able to continue with their replacement and installations upgrades.