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ESB Telecoms and SIRO Partner to Provide High-Speed Ethernet Solutions for Irish Operators

  • Commercial customers to benefit from uncontended speed options up to 1Gb
  • New service will be made available in 13 urban networks nationwide

21 September 2020

ESB Telecoms Ltd has partnered with SIRO to roll out a nationwide end-to-end ethernet network service. The launch of the new service offering – the Ethernet Tail Extension – will allow telecoms operators to provide their commercial customers with high-speed business connectivity.

This service will be made available in 13 urban markets across all 4 provinces and will provide national synchronous ethernet bandwidth solutions between 100Mb and 1Gb.

ESB Telecoms Ltd, the wholesale telecommunications provider, has provided flexible fibre and tower solutions to the industry for more than 20 years. In this latest product offering, fibre-optic backhaul will be used to connect to SIRO’s network access and provide telecom operators with an end-to-end solution.

As well as high-speed connectivity, this new product will enable telecom operators to transfer data from their customer’s premises back to a data centre offsite without having to pay for additional costly infrastructure development or separate backhaul solutions.

The Ethernet Tail Extension offering will also allow telecoms operators to expand into new coverage areas and broaden their reach nationwide.

Commenting on the partnership, Managing Director of ESB Telecoms, Rory McGowan, said:

Irish business organisations are adapting their IT environments faster than ever before in order to address the challenges and opportunities created by an increasingly digital world. These companies require super reliable and ultrafast connections from their telecoms service providers to transmit the mission critical data that is becoming their lifeblood. In order to enhance our support to our customers and Irish businesses in general, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Ethernet Tail Extension product, in partnership with SIRO, which will allow our customers to adapt, grow and thrive in a changing world at the most competitive cost.”

Identifying the need to provide a nationwide solution, ESB Telecoms partnered with SIRO to maximise the provider’s expanding network. For end-users, the guaranteed speeds of up to 1Gb in both directions is essential for cloud connectivity, video streams and business continuity purposes.

SIRO’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ronan Whelan, added: “We are delighted to partner with ESB Telecoms to deliver our fastest ever enterprise product, providing uncontended speeds to businesses across Ireland. This latest partnership is another example of how SIRO is fundamentally driving competition in the Irish broadband market. Connectivity is the nervous system of the country and COVID-19 has further emphasised the need for reliable Fibre to the Premises broadband. Our partnership with ESB Telecoms will enable us to further support the digital agenda in Ireland, ensuring businesses can perform to the best of their ability without archaic copper technology slowing them down.”

The Ethernet Tail Extension is now available from ESB Telecoms Ltd. For more information please contact

More information on SIRO product offering available here via


About ESB Telecoms Ltd

ESB Telecoms Ltd. is a wholesale telecommunications provider, bringing 20 years of telecoms and electrical engineering experience to the industry. We own and operate an extensive telecoms network throughout Ireland with International fibre connectivity to the United Kingdom. 

ESB Telecoms Ltd. also owns and manages a portfolio of more than 400 telecommunications towers and sites nationwide. We provide transmission services for mobile and wireless operators, private communications companies and emergency services.

About SIRO

Launched in May 2015, SIRO is a joint venture of ESB and Vodafone which is investing €450 million in building Ireland’s first 100% fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) broadband network, offering a 1 GB (1,000 Mb) internet connection to 450,000 premises in fifty regional towns. SIRO is revolutionising Ireland’s broadband market with technology which is the first of its kind in Ireland. Using ESB’s existing infrastructure, SIRO’s unique network is available to all broadband service providers in the country and will address the digital divide between towns and cities. 

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