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ESB Trading enters agreement with Highfield Solar

24 September 2021

ESB Trading has signed a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with Highfield Solar for the output of their RESS-1 solar portfolio that will begin commercial operation in 2022.

A leading developer of solar projects in Ireland, Highfield has agreed 15-year deals with ESB across three solar sites in South-East Ireland, with a combined installed capacity of 282MWp.

ESB Trading will be responsible for the trading and balancing risk of each solar farm’s energy in the Irish Single Electricity Market on a 24/7 basis. The deal demonstrates ESB Trading’s expertise in, and commitment to, leading the transition to a Brighter Future, by supporting the growth of sustainable energy through providing route-to-market services.

ESB Trading is the energy trading business unit within ESB Group based in Dublin. ESB Trading provides route-to-market services for existing and new renewable generation projects in Ireland & the UK in addition to providing trading services and managing commodity risk for ESB assets.

For more information on the services ESB Trading can provide, please contact a member of ESB Trading’s Origination team:;;