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ESB responses to recent media stories

Published 20 January 2022

In recent months ESB has been the subject of a number of allegations about the conduct of its business.

Reports on the matters have also made reference to a document or documents from persons unknown - ESB has not seen these documents but has requested that the documents be passed on to ESB and the Regulatory Authorities. In its responses to media questions, ESB has categorically rejected all allegations of wrongdoing and has provided factual evidence to refute them.  

Given that ESB has not seen the document which appear to carry the allegations and in order to provide a holistic ESB response to clarify the matters, ESB has prepared three documents which address the subject matter of the media reports. These relate to (1) the capacity auction process in 2019 for capacity from October 2022 (2) the emergency generation project initiated in 2021 and (3) ESB trades in the wholesale electricity market.

All related documents can be found here.