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ESB Networks confirms record wind and solar projects connected in 2022

• 23 renewables projects comprising 688MW connected, enough to power Co Cork 
• Over 5,400MW of renewable energy now connected to Ireland’s electricity system
• Approximately 34,000 homes also connected to the network this year 

Issued: 27 December 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, ESB Networks can confirm that it has connected 23 large-scale renewable generator projects to Ireland’s electricity network with total green energy capacity of 688 MW, breaking all previous renewable connection records. This is enough to power approximately 350,000 homes, the equivalent of the population of County Cork.
This comes following the energisation this week of the 95 MW Gillinstown Solar Farm in County Meath, bringing a total of almost 5,400 MW of renewable generation connected to Ireland’s transmission and distribution systems.
In addition, some 79 MW across four battery storage projects were connected this year. Ireland now boasts almost 800 MW of energy storage, which helps the stabilise the network during times of low renewable generation.
ESB Networks Managing Director Nicholas Tarrant says: “The connection of almost 700MW of clean energy this year is a significant collective achievement for ESB Networks, the renewables community and for Ireland. It represents a 15 percent increase in renewable generation year-on-year and it is testament to ESB Networks’ continued investment and innovation in the development of a safe, resilient and flexible electricity network.
Nicholas continues: “Ireland is a world leader in the integration of intermittent renewables on its electricity system, with wind comprising almost half of electricity generation for October and November. The Climate Action Plan and ESB’s Net Zero by 2040 strategy commits to an acceleration in renewables connections in the next decade as we seek to deliver on our climate targets as we transition to a greener, brighter future.”
Furthermore, ESB Networks is on track to connect approximately 34,000 new homes across Ireland by the end of 2022. With new houses and apartments increasingly all-electric, these connections will also facilitate the expansion in the use of clean electricity for heating and transport.
A new ‘Networks for Net Zero’ business strategy - setting out how ESB Networks will deliver the electricity network for Ireland’s clean, electric future - will launch in January 2023.  
About ESB Networks: 
• At ESB Networks, we’re delivering an electricity network to empower our 2.4 million customers every day with choices and flexibility around how they consume, generate, trade and store electricity.   
• By investing in our technical capability and collaborating with our partners, we’re delivering a safe and resilient electricity network of the future. And crucially, we’re paving the way for Ireland’s clean electric future through the electrification of heat and transport, as well as connecting renewables at scale to the electricity network.  
• We’re delivering the electricity network of the future, designed to serve all electricity customers and to ensure a net zero society in Ireland.