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ESB announces breakthrough Green Data Proof of Concept for Carbon Credit Market

  • Programme demonstrates vast potential both in accelerating the energy transition and in supporting organisations to advance Net Zero targets
  • Partnership used EpiSensor technology to successfully demonstrate real-time matching of energy consumers and renewable energy generators syncing at two sites

Tuesday, 30th January 2024

ESB – in partnership with Dell Technologies Customer Solutions Centers, VMware and EpiSensor – has successfully proved the first element of its landmark green data project which enables the real-time tracing of renewable matching from source to customer.

The initial Proof of Concept (PoC), which took place at ESB’s Grouselodge Wind Park and Dell Technologies Customer Solutions Centers Innovation Center, used EpiSensor and VMware technologies to successfully demonstrate the vast potential of green data in helping to support the energy transition and organisations that are advancing their Net Zero targets while reducing energy expenditures.

The green data project emerged through collective analysis of the carbon credit markets to provide organisations with the ability to improve their green credentials. Through the energy intelligence provided by VMware Aria, the project aims to explore new methods that will provide increased accuracy and efficiency of the current ‘Guarantee of Origins’ market mechanism which is in place throughout the EU. This can thereby help to address a number of ESG challenges faced by organisations.

Geraldine Moloney, Head of New Ventures at ESB, said: “We are proud to be a part of this important partnership which can help like-minded organisations on their journey to Net Zero. EpiSensor’s technology can enable us to provide real-time information through this API-enabled and data-driven solution that will allow our various stakeholders to analyse data remotely. We are delighted to continue to work with their team into the future and I am looking forward to seeing how this can support the delivery of our Net Zero by 2040 strategy.”

Brendan Carroll, CEO, EpiSensor, remarked: "We're delighted to support ESB's leadership and innovation in commercial sustainable energy solutions. Facilitating real-time data insights directly from the Grouselodge Wind Park to ESB's programme leads and partners using EpiSensor IoT technology is groundbreaking. We're excited to see how this programme evolves!".

This PoC required remote monitoring capabilities and an API-enabled, data-driven, real-time solution enabling various stakeholders to access and analyse the data remotely. EpiSensor technology has enabled the initial technical trial proving the core hypotheses of verifiable real-time renewable energy generation and consumption matching.

While generating new revenue streams for renewable generators, green data seeks to improve transparency, trust and pricing accuracies to the marketplace and for other sectors such as data centres and telecommunications services.

A case study has been completed on this PoC and is available here.