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Back to Press Releases 13 February 2024

ESB launches its latest EV Charging Hub at Donegal Service Station, Ballybofey Road

  • New charging facility is capable of providing 100km of charge in as little as six minutes  
  • This new hub is one of 17 new public charging hubs installed by ESB in 2023 
  • 2023 saw ESB reach a milestone of over 1,500 public charge points across Ireland  

8th February 2024, Donegal:  

ESB has opened its latest new High-Powered Charging Hub at Donegal Service Station, Ballybofey Road, Donegal which will benefit all electric vehicle (EV) drivers.  

This latest EV charging hub marks the third ESB charging location in the town. The high-powered hub has two 200kW chargers which can charge four EVs simultaneously and can provide 100km of charge in as little as six minutes.

In total, ESB has delivered 17 new charging hubs in 2023 and upgraded charge points in several other locations, meaning there are now over 1,500 public charge points in place across the country.   

A key milestone for ESB in 2023 was the doubling of the number of high-power chargers partially funded by the Government’s Climate Action Fund. ESB has built 36 high power charging hubs nationwide over the past two years, replaced over 250 AC chargers with newer technology and upgraded a further 52 AC chargers to fast 50kW & 100kW chargers.  

These innovative charging hubs will play a key role in supporting Ireland’s EV transition, which is critical in terms of meeting Ireland’s ambitious transport targets as laid out in the Climate Action Plan.   

Welcoming this announcement, John Byrne, Head of eMobility at ESB, said:  

“We are delighted to have recently opened our brand-new high-power charging hub at Donegal Service Station. The hub installation capped off our most successful twelve months for ESB in terms of upgrading and extending our public charging infrastructure – we now have more than 1,500 charge points across the island of Ireland.

“EVs are the fastest growing segment in the Irish car market so hubs like this are crucial for drivers and demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that the public charging network can support this growth.” John added.

Ken Foley, owner of Donegal Service Station, Ballybofey Road also welcomed the new charging hub:  

“We are proud to partner with ESB in delivering this new EV charging hub. As a local business owner, we know the important role we play in making sustainable choices accessible for everyone and we are delighted that our customers can avail of this wonderful new infrastructure.”