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ESB deploys Copilot for Microsoft 365 to help enhance employee efficiency and collaboration

  • ESB one of the first in Europe to leverage Microsoft’s generative AI tool to drive digital adoption

5th March 2024

ESB, Ireland’s leading energy company, is working with Microsoft Ireland to deploy Copilot for Microsoft 365 to empower its approximately 9,000 employees. Since Copilot for Microsoft 365 launched last November, ESB is one of the first in Europe to already deploy this new generative AI technology to approximately 300 employees. These employees are already seeing the benefits, such as enabling them to focus on high-value activity and improving knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Mary O’Connor, Chief Information Officer at ESB, outlined the impact Copilot is having within the organisation: "Leveraging this emerging technology alongside our existing Microsoft products is showing strong potential, helping us to improve employee experience, support greater collaboration and ultimately, drive digital adoption. We are exploring Copilot’s capabilities to better understand the improvements we can make for our people, and we are already seeing improvements in summarisation, action tracking and knowledge management, which will allow our people to focus on high-value activity. This is all making a difference and supporting our shift to become an even more digital and data-driven organisation.”

Anne Sheehan, General Manager at Microsoft Ireland, said: "Recently, we commissioned research with IDC and it revealed that more than half of organisations in Western Europe are testing generative AI proofs of concept, while almost a fifth have already made significant investments in generative AI. Copilot for Microsoft 365 has the power to revolutionise the way people work by embedding generative AI into the tools employees use every day, it enables them to focus on what truly matters and drive their organisations forward. We are delighted to be delivering this technology to innovative companies such as ESB to advance their digital transformation and help them achieve their strategic goals."

ESB, supported by Accenture, has rolled out Copilot to 300 end-users and is capturing feedback and insights to identify business value across Outlook, Teams, PowerPoint and other Microsoft 365 applications to enhance employee experience.