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Finance Investment Committee Terms of Reference 2023
PDF | 229KB
Tuarascáil Inbhuanaitheachta 2022
PDF | 13MB
List of ESB Charge Points across the island of Ireland
PDF | 878KB
ecars charge point locations
PDF | 878KB
ESB Conditions of Contract for Purchase of Materials and or Services
PDF | 269KB
ESB CDP Score 2022
PDF | 590KB
Compliance with the Regulation of 2015 Lobbying Act Policy
PDF | 180KB
ESB Finance DAC 2036 Final Terms
PDF | 429KB
ESB Finance DAC 2028 Final Terms
PDF | 426KB
ESB Green Bond Presentation – September 2023
ESB's Smart Energy Services brochure
ESB Debt Investor Presentation - September 2023
ESB Onshore Wind Factsheet
PDF | 336KB
ESB Green Bond Report 2022
PDF | 817KB
ESB Green Bond Annual Review Sustainalytics 2022
PDF | 186KB
ESB EMTN Offering Circular Supplement - September 2023
PDF | 157KB
Emerging Technology Insights 2023
PDF | 10MB
ESB Green Bond Framework Second Party Opinion
PDF | 561KB
ESB Green Bond Framework 2023
ESB Finance DAC Bond to 2043
PDF | 223KB