Delivering a clear advantage to a global glass manufacturer

Working in partnership with Ardagh Group

ESB Smart Energy Services partnered with the Ardagh Group to deliver a best-in-class energy solution that enabled them to better optimise their power usage onsite at its glass manufacturing plant in Irvine, Scotland. As a company committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable manufacturing processes, the Ardagh Group needed a partner that understood its mandate for a low-carbon future and was capable of delivering a project at scale.

"We needed a cost-efficient, 100% effective battery storage solution capable of
supporting our operational requirements and reducing the plant’s reliance on the
grid, as well as its environmental impact. ESB Smart Energy Services delivered." 

- Annelene Fisser, CSR & Sustainability Manager, Ardagh Group

The Challenge

As a large manufacturing facility with a global roster of clients, the Irvine facility requires a large amount of energy to support near-constant production. Due to the infrastructure of the High Voltage supply network, the facility is susceptible to voltage dips, which have the potential to impact the company’s production

The Solution

  • ESB Smart Energy Services were tasked to manage the installation and implementation of a 2-Megawatt battery storage solution, designed to alleviate pressure on the grid during peak consumption times and store energy when less is needed.

The Technology

  • A grid-optimising platform operated by Gridbeyond leverages a 2-Megawatt Tesla made storage battery.

The Results

  • Energy storage capacity secured
  • Additional revenue stream created through the sale of power back to the grid