Landing lower energy costs at Dublin Airport

Working in partnership with the daa

Comprised of daa International and the Group’s International travel retail arm ARI, daa operates both Dublin and Cork Airports. Since 2014 daa has been working in partnership with the ESB to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions at Dublin Airport

"In partnership with the ESB we are aiming to reduce our energy consumption by 33% by 2020. We want to be leaders in this field and help Ireland meet national obligations in the process”

- Dalton Philips, CEO, daa

The Challenge

As a public sector body daa is under obligation to reduce its energy usage by 30% by 2020

The Solution

  • 109.88kW solar PV array comprised of 268 photovoltaic panels covering 650m2 was installed and activated within 2 months.

The Technology

  • Solar photovoltaic panels trap the sun’s energy in semi conductor materials such as silicon, which contain a high concentration of electrons. Light excites the electrons, causing them to move and generate electricity.

The Results

  • 10% Reduction in carbon emissions
  • Energy consumption across two terminals reduced by 42%