Energy Management Hub

Energy is one of the highest cost for any business – this means that the monitoring of both energy and water is a critical component of your business’s sites. ESB’s Energy Management Hub monitors all energy and water usage in your buildings and enables ESB’s team of experts to come up with solutions to control and reduce it.

This analysis of your energy data can enable large financial and carbon emissions savings. This can be realised  through on the spot changes to your energy systems or through the implementation of larger energy savings projects  which reap even bigger savings.



We offer:

  • Management of the energy systems of a wide range buildings from retail, airports, commercial buildings to manufacturing and hotel and leisure locations.
  • Monitoring of different types of energy systems across lighting, heating, refrigeration and cooling systems and production or manufacturing combined heat and power, solar and geothermal.
  • Monitoring across different energy types such as electricity, gas and renewables such as biomass, combined heat and power, solar and geothermal.


Our Approach 


To gain an understanding of the energy usage we apply measuring and tracking systems in real-time and highlight future energy saving opportunities with some well-placed meters across your building

Monitor and Analyse

These measurements are provided to our team of energy analysts over the cloud with real-time information on how much and how efficiently energy is being used. They can optimise systems in real-time to highlight faults or anomalies to make adjustments on the spot.  


We provide energy insights based on our expert analysis and knowledge of similar buildings. We highlight and recommend potential long-term improvements, energy saving projects and efficiency measures to reduce energy.


How we are implementing the Energy Management Hub with Customers

CHQ Building - Shedding light on a Dublin Icon

Home to retail and event spaces, restaurants, a museum and Dogpatch labs, CHQ is one of the Dublin Dockland’s most iconic buildings.

The Results:

  • Lighting load reduced by 60%
  • Reduced overall energy costs
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Range of Energy Monitoring Tools available from ESB

We offer a range of energy monitoring tools to allow you understand and measure your energy usage. These insightful dashboards, tracking and measurement tools enable us to propose projects and energy optimisation measures to reduce your overall costs.

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