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ESB ecars – updated terms of service

We have recently made changes to our terms of service and communicated with our customers on the 17th May 2024 in regard to these changes. These updates came into effect on 24th May 2024.  

The updated terms are applicable to: 

  • Inclusion of contactless payment terms in line with the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR). The AFIR Directive is a legislative proposal by the European Commission aimed at deploying infrastructure for alternative fuels across the European Union. The objective is to provide comprehensive user information and adequate payment options at alternative fuels infrastructure sites.
  • Updates to the overstay fee terms.
  • Amendment of the notice period for operational changes.

Our terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of our price plans page on our website HERE.  

We encourage you to review all the updated terms that apply to you.