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ESB's Energy for Generations Fund: 10 years and €10 million later

What makes the heart of Ireland’s communities beat? The people, of course, do. It’s also the many voluntary and local organisations that undertake the immense work to ensure the well being of its people.

At ESB, since our foundation in 1927, we have always had a strong sense of responsibility towards the people and communities we serve. We also recognise the important role that voluntary and community organisations play in serving people.

From 2005 to 2015 alone, we supported over 400 community and voluntary organisations with €10 million of ESB funding through our Energy for Generations Fund.

“We look at national problems, and at how we can support robust solutions,” explains O’Doherty. “One of the key areas of work in the past decade has been around suicide prevention and support. To reflect this, ESB has given over €5 million towards suicide prevention services over the past 10 years. Suicide is a very serious issue that has touched every community in the country, and we identified the need to support robust, resilient services and capacity building in this sector.”

Alleviation of homelessness and educational access and support are our other two pillars of focus.

To mark the occasion of 10 years of the ESB Energy for Generations Fund, a selection of our fund recipients share their stories and experience in our short video clip.