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ESB partners with best and brightest as part of the Free Electrons programme

As the energy industry continues to evolve and consumers seek innovative solutions, it offers budding entrepreneurs a real opportunity to take a slice of this action.

From portable solar power systems to turning food waste into energy, start-ups are creating cutting edge, greener and cleaner solutions to empower the consumer. However, creating the solution can often be the easy part for entrepreneurs. Getting it to the market is often the challenge.

Recognising that collaboration and partnerships with start-ups are essential to fostering innovative solutions, 10 leading global utilities, including ESB, have joined forces to create an accelerator programme to support and help drive companies to greatness.

The aim of this initiative - the Free Electrons global accelerator programme -  is to recruit 15 later stage energy start-ups to help drive the next generation of ideas in clean energy, energy efficiency, electro mobility and on-demand customer services.


Why should energy start-ups get involved?

  1. Access to valuable resources and 73 million customers through a network of utilities across the US, Europe and Asia.
  2. Sponsored travel to three week-long accelerator modules around the globe.
  3. Facilitated conversations with a network of utility industry experts with strong insights on scaling companies in new markets.
  4. Potential opportunities for contracts and/or strategic investment.

With access to 73 million customers worldwide across 40 countries, the consortium of energy leaders can offer start-ups a rare and unique opportunity to bring their product or service to the next level. For the eight energy giants, the opportunities are just as endless and enticing.

All updates on the programme are available on the Free Electrons Twitter page or LinkedIn and Instagram.

Why are utilities supporting Free Electrons?

  1. Access to a high-quality pipeline of innovation, new technologies and business models from all over the world.
  2. Learning, knowledge and ideas from leading edge start-ups.
  3. Helps advance clean energy initiatives and harness the rapidly-transforming industry within their own organisations.
  4. Generates new investment opportunities.
  5. Creates opportunities for collaborative commercial relationships such as pilot projects, licensing, joint product development and contracts.