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ESB ecars provides a real-time map to drive EV uptake

In the move to encourage uptake for electric vehicles, tools such as real-time charge point maps are essential for drivers.

Now that the island of Ireland has one of the most comprehensive charging networks in Europe with more than 1,200 charge points, such a map is imperative to enhance the overall experience for electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

Having the ability to identify and locate charge points within seconds is vital, as too is the ability to be informed as to their capability and status. Are they working? Do they have connectors that will fit your type of vehicle? Are they fast or standard charge points? Are they being used by some other EV driver? Having an interactive and up-to-date charge point map, as such, is an essential tool for drivers.

The ESB ecars charge point map is updated in real-time daily via a charge point management system, providing an up-to-date view of the statusof the network. As drivers plug in their EVs, and others disconnect and continue their journeys, the map will constantly change to reflect this.

ESB ecars Charge Point Map Information

The ESB ecars charge point map uses various icons to indicate charge point type and charge point availability status :

  • Blue icons represent fast chargers; with a power output of 43 to 50 kW. They can generally support charging via CHAdeMO, ComboCCS and FastAC connector types.
  • Green icons represent standard on-street chargers; with generally a power output of 22 kW.
  • Yellow icons represent domestic-style chargers and are mainly located in hotels; with a power output of 3.6 kW..
  • Lighter, or more pastel versions of the green and blue icons indicate that a charger is operated by some other organisation than ESB, or that it’s an older unit. For such reasons, this means that it cannot be monitored and controlled remotely.

Users can also verify a charger is available, check parking restrictions, and contact the host site on this map.

A range of overlay symbols are used to add additional information

  • A solid vehicle indicates that a charger is fully occupied, so no further re-charging is possible at that particular moment in time.
  • A semi-solid vehicle indicates that a charger is in use; another vehicle is re-charging. However, not all connectors are being used, so re-charging is possible
  • A red X indicates that a charger is out of service

A range of filter options available on the charge point map makes it possible to modify the charge points displayed, so that only charge points relevant to your individual requirements or type of electric vehicle are shown. For example, if you wish to see only those chargers capable of charging via the CHAdeMO standard used by Nissan LEAF, simply select this option and the map will update accordingly.

Essential Information for EV Drivers

If you need some help operating the charge point units, there are a number of videos available here to help you through the process.

Access to ESB ecars charge point map

The map is available on the ESB ecars website section here while an alternative version designed specifically for use on smartphones can be found in the ‘ ecar connect’ app. This is available for download through the Apple Appstore or via Google Play.