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Meet Colm Moriarty, Digital Capability and Culture Manager

In the pursuit of net zero, we are leveraging data and digital technologies to enhance our people and customer experiences, and create smarter, more efficient infrastructure and products. Colm is the driving force behind ESB’s digital transformation, driving cultural and capability changes across the organisation. When he is not learning and trialling new technologies, he can be found coaching his child’s football team and ‘making up the numbers’ in masters middle distance racing. 

Tell us about yourself?  

I've been fortunate to have had a number of really challenging and interesting roles since beginning my career at ESB. From being the funding manager in our treasury department during the sovereign debt crisis to working with start-up companies in our innovation campus in Dogpatch Labs in Dublin, to establishing our Digital Accelerator programme as part of our Chief Information Officer (CIO) team. 

My background has proved beneficial to me while working in these diverse roles - I am a business studies graduate from DCU after which I worked in derivatives trading in Frankfurt, Germany.  

What is your role in ESB?  

I'm currently responsible for growing ESB's digital capability and culture. I work on the CIO team enabling digital transformation and we are responsible for growing ESB's digital capability and culture. 

This involves equipping our people to leverage digital, data and AI to help decarbonise Ireland as a whole. We are about 18 months into our digital culture and capability programme and every week we see more people achieving business results from new ways of working including some great use of GenAI. 

What is ESB doing differently with respect to digital compared to five or 10 years ago? 

I would say the passion and excitement for digital has really grown across our company. Digital and data are one of four foundations in our work to decarbonise Ireland's energy system. Technology and its role in our peoples’ day-to-day experience is unrecognisable compared to five or 10 years ago.  

What we've seen is that our commitment to customer and people experience in product management is core to our digital transformation programmes. We can point to a lot of ways in which we are now a digital data-driven utility. For example, we maximise remote working with our approach to 'smart working', we collaborate rapidly with cloud-based tools and our culture of cyber security helps protect our wider landscape. 

What kind of projects are you working on? 

We are currently executing a data literacy programme and we've had great progress in helping people leverage GenAI with our partners through Microsoft Copilot. Our business leaders are prioritising this learning, and our people are really embracing it. 

Tell us one thing that people may be surprised to hear about ESB’s digital capability?

We are one of the first companies in Europe to adopt Microsoft Copilot and we have a thriving internal AI Community of Practice. This community is where hundreds of our people explore how we can use AI and GenAI to help achieve Net Zero. 

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