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ESB Telecoms Managing Director Celebrates Launch of the National Low Latency Platform (NLLP)

Conor O'Regan, Managing Director, ESB Telecoms 

Working with ESB Telecoms

I started in ESB Telecoms in May 2022, following numerous positions within the ESB group in commercial and contracts management associated with ESB assets – for example, windfarms, generation stations, EPC agreements, LTSA and many significant disputes and claims. My most recent role was on the Engineering and Major Projects Senior Management Team, where I was responsible for delivering a range of the services EMP needed to support NW, Generation and Trading and indeed ESB International. These services included IT, PMO, Contract Management, Quality and Continuous Improvement and Agency Labour. Since joining, I have begun to understand the critical importance of ESB Telecoms' role in the Irish Telecommunications landscape, both directly and indirectly.

Building on our wholly owned national fibre network and over 400 tower masts, ESB Telecoms can assist our commercial partners in transforming their customers’ lives. We provide emerging essential services – from mobile voice calls to 5G internet to delivery of high-capacity fibre; we enable our commercial and retail partners to deliver for their customers.

Launch of NLLP (National Low Latency Platform) 

Recently, I attended the launch of the NLLP (National Low Latency Platform) which is a key programme launched through the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, (Department of Public Expenditure and Reform).

The purpose of this platform is to upgrade key government sites throughout the country, from Garda stations to Social Welfare offices, enabling local communities to access services quicker and more reliably. As our fibre network infrastructure is both reliable and extensive, the ESB Telecoms network through our commercial partners will be delivering several new services from Letterkenny, Co Donegal to Tralee, Co Kerry. It gives me immense pride that ESB Telecoms is recognised as a trusted partner for our commercial carrier partners and the Irish Government to deliver these services.


Image One: The Minister of State at the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform with responsibility for Public Procurement and eGovernment, Ossian Smyth (Left) with ESB Telecoms Managing Director, Conor O'Regan (Right) at the Launch of the NLLP.
Image Two: Map of ESB Telecoms infrastructure and networks which will support the NLLP.

The NLLP is a fitting example of how ESB Telecoms can support the Irish telecoms landscape while commercialising ESB Telecoms’ unique assets. I look forward to attending more of these events and meeting with our partners so that we keep momentum in this process and keep delivering for our customers.

For more details, contact your ESB Telecoms customer relationship manager or email