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Envisioning a brighter future for the food and drink industry

Working in partnership with ABP

As the first food company to be awarded a triple certification from the Carbon Trust and a founding member of Origin Green - Ireland's food and drink sustainability programme - ABP Food Group is focused on environmental best practice. So, when ABP needed a partner to develop renewable generation capabilities and improve energy efficiency, they called on ESB's Smart Energy Services.


The Challenge

Like all food and drink manufacturers, meat processing relies on the availability of constant refrigeration and a reliable supply of hot water - both of which requires significant energy. ABP wanted a way to reduce energy usage and cut carbon emissions at two of its Irish plants, to support its journey to carbon zero.

"Sustainability is embedded within our culture. Our partnership with ESB's Smart Energy Services provides the expertise and financing support to achieve our most ambitious goals for carbon reduction”

- John Durkin, Sustainability and Environmental Manager, ABP

The Solution

  • Following a detailed analysis of the energy usage at each plant, ESB's Smart Energy Services worked in partnership with ABP to design the solutions. In addition to ESB's global energy expertise, ABP was also able to avail of ESB's £75m decarbonisation fund.

    This funding enables ABP to adopt the latest technology with no up-front investment. Costs are offset by energy savings, helping ABP realise its sustainability strategy of doing more with less. 

The Technology

  • At ABP's Cahir plant in Co Tipperary, a waste heat recovery and thermal storage system was developed, allowing the plant to recover heat generated by the refrigeration system and significantly reduce energy costs.

    With a boiler run on fossil fuels and a refrigeration system generating substantial waste heat, ABP's Clones plant in Co Monaghan is set to receive a total energy makeover. Ground source heat pumps will provide the majority of hot water, while heat capture and thermal storage technologies will recycle waste heat from the refrigeration process. 

    An energy and carbon monitoring system will facilitate ongoing equipment optimisation and cost savings. Once complete, the entire system will save over 1,700 tonnes of carbon emissions annually - a reduction of over 80% compared to the old system.

The Results

  • Electrification of heat significantly reduces fossil fuel reliance  

  • Ongoing energy cost savings 

  • 66% reduction in energy usage projected 

  • 80% reduction in CO2 emissions per year projected — equivalent to 1,700 tonnes  

The Competitive Advantages

  • Sustainable practices benefit stakeholders

  • Sustainability credentials appeal to shareholders and consumers

  • Funded solutions free capital for further innovation 

    ESB’s Smart Energy Services has already delivered projects for more than 300 large businesses across Ireland and the UK. Our customers includes Medite Smartply, the Dublin Airport Authority (daa), Tesco and Ardagh Glass amongst many others. We also have a €75m fund to help large energy users decarbonise while making energy cost savings.

    We work in partnership with large energy users to deliver sustainable solutions that dramatically reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. 

    Find out how your organisation can benefit from: 

    • Unparalleled expertise in the energy sector 

    • An international network of technology partners 

    • Advanced energy monitoring and analytics 

    • Project financing with no up-front investment required

    • Innovative energy saving technologies

    Our €75 million Smart Energy Services Fund is available to help large energy users. Talk to us today.