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Turn your energy audit into a sustainable energy plan

COP26 shone a spotlight on global decarbonisation objectives  by independent nations. Countries and businesses around the world have also proposed bold and ambitious targets to reduce their carbon output and achieve net zero. For many companies, in addition to the financial incentives of adopting a proactive stance on energy consumption and carbon reduction, there are also compliance imperatives.  

SEAI Energy Audits 

Energy audits, much like financial audits, have become a way for government, industries, and individual organisations to establish benchmarks and enforce targets for sustainability. While small, private organisations may undertake an energy audit voluntarily, larger organisations must undertake regular audits as a matter of compliance. Ireland’s sustainable energy authority, the SEAI, has led the country’s efforts to meet EU carbon reduction targets by establishing compliance standards for energy suppliers, contractors, and large energy users. 

Who must comply? 

The SEAI’s energy audit requirement only applies to large companies and certain Irish public bodies. 

This means businesses, non-profits and other private sector organisations that meet the following criteria must comply:  

  • Have more than 250 employees (must comply with an energy audit every four years) 

  • An annual turnover in excess of €50 million and an annual balance sheet total in excess of €43 million 

How does the audit work?  

An external auditor from an approved professional body register will review and assess your organisation’s energy usage using a period of 12 months of data. This is to  find out how your organisation is using energy, and more importantly where it is wasting energy.  

Based on the findings of the lead assessor, a list of recommendations will be created for your organisation. These recommendations are envisaged as a means of reducing the carbon footprint of the site in question; and can range from fabric upgrades, process improvements, motor and pump optimisations, smart LED lighting, and onsite generation.  

How can ESB’s Smart Energy Services help? 

ESB’s Smart Energy Services has a proven track record in helping large energy users reduce  their carbon and energy costs. We can help turn your energy audit into a concrete action plan that will be balance sheet neutral, thanks to our tailored funding solutions. Our team of energy experts can help your business implement the energy-saving opportunities identified by the energy audit with minimal capital expenditure required on your part thanks to our €75m decarbonisation fund.  

We partner with large energy users across Ireland and the UK to identify and implement sustainable solutions that significantly reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions. Typically, delivering savings of up to 60 per cent across a broad range of sectors.  

And equally as important, we fund their energy solutions in a way that greatly reduces their need for major capital expenditure. The net effect is that you get to implement the green energy solutions outlined through your energy audit and in a way that makes minimal capital demands on your business.  

Speak to our team of energy experts today to find out how we can help turn your energy audit into a concrete and affordable action plan. 

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