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ESB Board Members

Our Board comprises 12 members appointed by the Minister for the Environment, Climate & Communications. Board members include the Chairman, the Chief Executive, six independent Non-executive Directors and four elected Worker Directors.

The Board Members:

  • bring independent and objective scrutiny to the oversight of the organisation;
  • are challenging when necessary while being supportive to the delivery of organisational strategy and objectives;
  • are equipped to offer considered advice on the basis of sound judgement and experience; and
  • make a time commitment to their work commensurate with their role.


The appointment and remuneration of Board members (including the Chairman) is determined by the Minister for Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform and the Minister for the Environment, Climate Communications.  Under the “one person/one salary rule”, the Chief Executive does not receive a board fee.  Terms and conditions are set out in Board member’s Warrants of Appointment.

Karen Halpenny, white woman with long blonde hair and wearing a black jacket and white shirt Karen Halpenny

Appointment and Term
01.01.2023 - 31.12.2026

Career Experience
Worked in ESB International since 2001, primarily in the area of overhead line development. Currently working in Engineering and Major Projects in the HV Cables area as a cable specialist. Holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in HRM Strategy and Practice from the National College of Ireland (NCI) and a higher advanced diploma in Applied Employment Law from King’s Inn School of Law. Holds a Certificate in Management and Industrial Relations from NCI and a Certificate in Health and Safety from UCD.

External Appointments
Former President of the Energy Services Union of Ireland (ESU) 2017 – 2021, ESU representative on the Group of Unions forum and recently appointed as ESU representative on the ICTU Health and Safety Committee. Trustee of Electric Aid, ESB’s staff charity and Secretary of the National Worker Director Group.