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ESB Board Members


There are currently 11 ESB Board Members, comprising the Chairman, Chief Executive and five independent Non-Executive Directors. 

At present, there is a selection process in place to appoint another Non-Executive Director to the Board.

The Board Members:

  • bring independent and objective scrutiny to the oversight of the organisation;
  • are challenging when necessary while being supportive to the delivery of organisational strategy and objectives;
  • are equipped to offer considered advice on the basis of sound judgement and experience; and
  • make a time commitment to their work commensurate with their role.

The appointment and remuneration of the Independent Board members (including the Chairman) is determined by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform and the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment and they do not receive pensions or any other remuneration. The terms and conditions are set out in their letters of appointment.

Paul Lynam Paul Lynam

Appointment and Terms
04.10.2016 - 03.10.2021

14.12.2021 - 13.12.2024

Career Experience
Currently Managing Director of Jungheinrich Lift Truck (Ireland) and Jungheinrich UK Limited, both subsidiaries of the German based Jungheinrich AG. A Councillor of the German Irish Chamber of Commerce and former President. Has over 25 years' experience in business in Ireland and internationally. Previously served as Director of Operations of the International Industrial business with Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services, was CEO of the Whitfield Clinic, CEO of Siemens Limited Ireland and CFO of Siemens Limited Ireland (2008-2010). Spent 14 years in Germany in various management roles with Smurfit Group and Kappa Packaging. Holds a BSc in Analytical Science from DCU, a postgraduate diploma in business studies from UCD and an MBA from City University Seattle.

External Appointments
Director at Jungheinrich Lift Truck Limited (IE) and Jungheinrich UK Limited, Councillor/Director of the German Irish Chamber of Commerce and previously served as Director of Siemens Ireland and Director of Whitfield Clinic associated companies.