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Man holding a turned on light bulb in one hand and a switched off one in the other hand.
12 May 2023 Net Zero listening – ESB employee-recommended podcasts Read more
ESB Undergrads
20 December 2022 ESB reduces gender pay gap in 2022 and looks to boost female representation in STEM and technical roles Read more
bumblebee on flower
20 December 2022 ESB's Biodiversity and Environmental Projects Our Story Read more
15 December 2022 Acceleration of investment in EV Infrastructure Low Carbon Future Read more
man working on solar farm
14 December 2022 Energy efficiency measures and savings at ESB Electric Living Read more
White man wearing a black top staring a window
13 December 2022 Meet James Tobin, Project Manager, Generation Projects People of ESB Read more
27 September 2022 ACCELERATE: The Transition to a Net Zero Future Begins Now Low Carbon Future Read more
26 August 2022 How the new ESB eBikes initiative will support Ireland’s decarbonisation strategy Electric Living Read more
04 August 2022 Aghada Battery Plant: An important step on the journey to Net Zero Low Carbon Future Read more