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28 April 2021 ESB Networks update on IWU Industrial Action Read more
26 April 2021 RDS Launches ESB Science Blast TV Read more
22 April 2021 ESB Networks statement on IWU industrial action and contingency planning Read more
21 April 2021 General Safety Message from ESB Networks Read more
13 April 2021 Future Now, Future Next Podcast Series - The City of the Future Read more
09 April 2021 ESB Announces GREEN ATLANTIC at Moneypoint Read more
01 April 2021 Electric Ireland announces Moratorium on Disconnections until end of June Read more
31 March 2021 ​Electric Ireland supports Pieta and Darkness into Light for 9th Year Read more
30 March 2021 Electric Ireland reassures customers with an electricity and gas prize freeze Read more