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Wave Energy

Harnessing our natural resources – including wave - can help Ireland achieve its climate targets and provide clean energy for homes, farms and businesses.

Through our partnership with the Simply Blue Group, we are exploring the potential of generating energy from Ireland’s abundant wave resources off the Atlantic Coast. This is Project Saoirse - a five MW wave energy development located four kilometres offshore from Co Clare. 

Project Works

This innovative project will aim to provide the viability of wave energy in our Irish seas. Subject to the necessary consents and a grid connection, it is envisaged that Saoirse will be operational in 2029. The chosen technology for deployment is CorPowers Wave Energy Converter (WEC) which is also being currently deployed in Portugal. 

Wave energy projects compliment wind energy and deliver a more predictable stable renewable portfolio and it is estimated that Ireland has up to 18GW wave resource of its west coast.

More information is available here.  


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