ESB ecars Price Plan Terms and Conditions for Fleet Plans

Note: Businesses with fleet size larger than 20 should contact ESB for possible tailored offerings (

An account is considered to be active if a minimum of 5 (five) transactions are observed in a respective invoice period.

*Account Holder should request an upgrade if it exceeds/intends to exceed the quota for number of active accounts per month, or the maximum annual energy consumption limit. Penalty charges may be applicable in case of non-compliance.

Please contact Customer Support ( for a request for additional Charge Point Access Cards, and for any other modification to the account details. An attempt to modify these details by any unauthorised user will be deemed as fraudulent.

  • Reduced fleet plan rates are subject to change.
  • Standard Charge Points have a power output greater than 0 kW and up to 22 kW.
  • Fast Charge Points have a power output greater than 22 kW and up to 50 kW.
  • High Power Charge Points have a power output greater than 50 kW.
  • Overstay fees apply after 45 minutes of charge, and are applicable to Fast Charge Points only.
  • The assigning of Charge Point Access Cards issued prior to the 29th of October 2019 to a customer account counts as the Inclusive Charge Point Access Card.
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT at 13.5%.
  • These Price Plan Terms and Conditions are valid from the 29th of October, 2019. All fees and minimum / fixed term periods are applicable from the 18th of November, 2019.


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