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Smart Networks

The electricity industry is undergoing unprecedented change and how electricity is produced and consumed is fundamentally altering.  

ESB Networks is delivering a sustainable, affordable and reliable electricity system for Ireland that connects and accommodates far higher levels of renewable generation and enables electrification, so that clean electricity can displace carbon from heat, transport and the economy.


It is through innovation that ESB Networks will develop a future electricity network that empowers customers, delivers value for money and provides a sustainable energy system for all. They are implementing a comprehensive innovation strategy and working with industry, partners and government to roll out pioneering programmes and solutions.

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Smart Metering Programme

smart meters

The National Smart Metering Programme was established by the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU) and is the delivery plan for the roll out of smart meters across Ireland.

ESB Networks has been tasked with the delivery of the programme, which involves upgrading all of Ireland’s electricity meters to smart meters. Smart meters will support Ireland's transition to a low carbon future by enabling the development of smart grids, and supporting the electrification of heat and transport, local renewable generation and micro-generation.

Electricity supply companies have begun to offer new smart products and services, which enables homes and businesses to shift some of their consumption to times of the day when electricity is cheaper. More information here

Electrification of Heat and Transport


ESB Networks has a central role in facilitating the electrification of heat and transport, alongside connecting and enabling 80 per cent of electricity generation from renewables.

This includes:

  • Developing the electricity network to support the increase in demand on the network.
  • Developing processes for forecasting and responding to increasing Low-voltage (LV) demands in sufficient time to implement solutions without impacting continuity or power quality.
  • Implementing new design and planning standards for new Low-voltage networks to support low carbon technologies such as heat pumps.
  • Working on a number of innovation projects and collaborating with stakeholders to develop the systems, network solutions and capability to enable the transition.

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National Network, Local Connections Programme

This innovative programme by ESB Networks will transform how energy on Ireland’s electricity network is managed and consumed at a local level by customers and communities across the country and will be a key enabler to Ireland achieving its climate change ambitions. It provides the first step to collaborating across the energy sector, to create new opportunities for customers to use and store electricity locally in a way that makes the best use of renewable energy sources.

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