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Solar Energy and Battery Storage

Our strategy Driven to Make a Difference: Net Zero by 2040 sets out a clear roadmap to achieve net zero emissions. We are investing in the development of new renewable generation, including onshore and offshore wind and solar, and significantly increasing the amount of renewable generation connected to our electricity networks. 

We are:

  • Delivering more than a fivefold increase in our renewable generation portfolio to 5,000MW.
  • Reducing carbon intensity of our generation fleet from 414 to 140gCO2/kWh by 2030.
  • Decarbonising 63% of our generation output by 2030 and 100% by 2040 (up from c20% now).

Battery Storage

Our aim is to develop a pipeline of projects to deliver large scale batteries, as well as additional flexible enabling technologies. This is crucial to supporting the grid and will facilitate ever more onshore wind, offshore wind and solar onto the electricity system in the coming decades.

Aghada battery plant provides 19MW of fast acting storage video
Aghada battery plant provides 19MW of fast acting storage

We commissioned a new battery plant at our Aghada site in Co Cork, adding 19MW (38MWh) of fast-acting energy storage to help provide grid stability and deliver more renewables on Ireland’s electricity system. A second battery - also 19MW - is currently under construction.

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Kylemore Battery Energy Storage Systems to deliver 60 MWh

Our new battery system at Kylemore, Dublin, will deliver 60MWh of storage, marking another step on the company’s low carbon transition journey, and in doing so, help us lead in the delivery of our national climate obligations.

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Solar Energy

We continue to develop a growing solar energy portfolio, partnering with others to help deliver this and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Working with Harmony Solar to develop more than 1,000MW of large-scale projects

We have partnered with Irish-owned renewable energy company, Harmony Solar to develop a portfolio of over 1,000MW of solar with an initial capital investment of €30 million.

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Developing solar farms in the Midlands region with Bord na Móna

We have a co-development agreement with Bord na Móna to develop solar energy projects in four locations in counties Kildare, Offaly and Roscommon. The joint venture, known as Sundew Solar, will access part of Bord na Móna’s land bank in strategic locations across the Midlands suitable for large-scale solar energy projects.

Working with large energy users on developing solar projects video
Working with large energy users on developing solar projects

Through ESB’s Smart Energy Services, we work with large energy customers to lower their carbon footprint by improving the energy efficiency of their business while also delivering savings on their energy costs. This includes the design, operation, maintenance and finance of large-scale solar PV systems.

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