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Innovation Strategy

Our innovation strategy supports our mission to lead the way to a net-zero future for all, using an open innovation approach and collaboration with our partners.

Our guiding principles: 

  • To ensure strong support from our leadership team  to drive and develop an innovation culture within our organisation
  • To deliver on our innovation strategy outlining why innovation is important and how innovation will be managed at ESB
  • To make sure our governance structures are appropriate for our stages of innovation and are constantly updated to meet our innovation objectives
  • To ensure our innovation processes are structured to drive change and foster our peoples' talents, ideas and technologies
  • To ensure our people are supported in every part of our business to deliver our innovation strategy as a key part of our Driven To Make A Difference: Net Zero by 2040 Strategy. 
Supporting Net Zero Ambition

We take an ‘open’ innovation approach. We’ve a range of partners, as well as cross-business innovation units, technology roadmaps and research and design facilities. We encourage innovative ideas from our people, constantly developing our capabilities. We seek innovation within each of our business units and work with the energy start-up community to enable our goals: for a Net Zero future.

In achieving our innovation objectives we want to:

Create New Sources of Revenue

We are developing new products and services and business models to compensate for the decline in traditional sources of revenue.

Reduce Costs

We will do this by driving more efficient ways of working across all areas of operation.

Improve Performance

We are developing enhanced service offerings, customer self-service enhancement and adopting digital technologies.

In doing this we will make sure we follow our innovation process: to capture, prioritise, explore, experiment, evolve and grow. In everything we do we measure our performance and celebrate our successes. This involves constantly assessing: 

  • Our innovation strategy such as our mission and objectives, and our action plan. 
  • Our innovation framework, including our process and tools, our governance, structure and ecosystem, metrics, and our communications and knowledge.
  • Our people and culture to support our talent and leadership and ensure we have the right climate and culture to achieve our goals, together.