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Electrification of Heat & Transport

The electrification of heat and transport will play a significant role in reducing Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions and achieving targets for the decarbonisation of the Irish economy for 2030 and beyond.

In 2021, heat and transport accounted for around 40 per cent of Ireland’s emissions, compared to electricity generation at 20 per cent. As outlined in the Government’s Climate Action Plan (2021), using clean, low-carbon electricity is key to how we can achieve a 51% reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and set a path to reach carbon neutrality by no later than 2050.

Our own strategy - Driven to Make a Difference: Net Zero by 2040 - reflects this ambition with plans to double the number of ESB’s public EV charge points by 2030 to 3,000 and deliver 35,000 deep home retrofits through Electric Ireland Superhomes. 

What is ESB’s role?

ESB has long advocated that electricity plays a crucial role in creating the low-carbon energy system of the future. Electricity is decarbonising at a much faster rate than other forms of energy so switching to electricity is now seen as a pathway for other sectors to meet their carbon targets, particularly the transport and heating sectors.

Through our various businesses – Electric Ireland, ESB Networks, ESB’s Smart Energy Services, ecars – and partnerships with other organisations, we are actively supporting the country’s electrification ambitions.

How we are supporting the electrification of heat and transport sectors

Energy Efficient Solutions

Our retail arm, Electric Ireland, offers a range of energy-efficient solutions such as home EV chargers and associated tariffs, as well as a heat pump service.

Industry Specific Energy Offerings

ESB’s Smart Energy Services collaborates with large energy users to deliver industry-specific energy offerings to reduce costs and carbon emissions, including funded heat solutions and EV charging infrastructure.

Transforming Ireland’s Distribution Network

ESB Networks is transforming Ireland’s distribution network to cater for the mass adoption of EVs and home heating technologies.

Public Charging Infrastructure

ESB operates more than 1,350 charge points across the island of Ireland and is currently undergoing a major upgrade investment programme to further enhance the network and encourage mass adoption of EVs.

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